Communication Services

The Drexel Fire is one of three emergency regional dispatch sites in the drexel area. The Communications Center dispatches emergency calls for several other fire departments besides Drexel.

Information coming to the center is entered into a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) program. The CAD program has the ability to determine responses, track unit movements and correlate information for use in determining the type of emergency and assistance needed. When the incident location is established the emergency response crews are dispatched. The telecommunication officers are working at the communication center can also provide callers with Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). EMD is providing information and instruction to the caller to assist them until emergency personnel arrive on scene. An example of EMD assistance is how to perform CPR.

The system saves lives by saving time, but Drexel Fire can’t help you if we can’t find you. To assist emergency personnel get to you when needed, make sure your address is clearly visible from the street. Number should be at least four inches tall and in a reflective material. We also recommend that your address be posted in more than one location (ex: mailbox, curb, front & rear of house, alley wall, roof).

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